FileDropper.com – simple online storage.

FileDropper.com, a simple solution for offsite backup and archiving.

FileDropper.com site

FileDropper.com site

While there is quite a few sites that offer online storage (some of them even for free), none come close to giving out the amount of FREE space that FileDropper.com does: 100GB. Yes, you read it correctly one hundred gigabytes of free online storage.

The first question I got after telling a few people about this was: does it integrate with the OS like DropBox?
Unfortunately, the answer is: No, it doesn’t (at least yet). Not sure if they are working on something, but it would be nice to have at least FTP access (hint hint FileDropper).

So, how does it work? As simple as it gets.

1. Get an account
2. Click the UPLOAD button
3. Watch your file fly off to cyber-land.

The only limitation is the file being uploaded must be smaller than 5GB, which is very generous.

That’s how simple it is.

Since that seems to be the only way to upload files to the site, and the process is done manually, it seems that the best use for FileDropper is archiving and offsite backup (done manually).

Personally, I just zipped the contents of my Documents folder into a few large files and uploaded them to FileDropper.com.

Here’s a screenshot of a file being uploaded: (click on thumbnail for a full view)

File upload progress

File upload progress

When it’s done, FileDropper gives you two links to the file:

Link to uploaded file

Link to uploaded file

After you’ve uploaded some files you can take a look at a section called: My Files

My Files section

My Files section

Privacy settings

Privacy settings

Here you can set some privacy:
– make the files private or public
– set a password


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